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control at the top, hinges on the right, 17 types of heating, volume 76 l, LCD display, temperature probe, turntable, pyrolysis, right curtain, upper control, glass / stainless steel, class A,
dimensions: 60 x 60 cm,
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Types of heating

Hot air and 1/1 down heating, Hot air and 1/3 lower heating, Top / bottom heating, Upper heating, Hot air and 1/1 hotplate, Eco heating, Hot stove, Upper heating and 1/3 lower heating, Small barbecue grill, Bakery for baking, Defrosting, Rising level, Heat storage, Large grill

With accessories

1 x enamel sheet for pyrolysis, 1 x turntable, 1 x glass pan, 1 x grill rack, 1 x grill pot with grate

Color / front wall material stainless

Construction Embedded

Integrated cleaning system Self-cleaning with pyrolysis Dimensions of the niche (mm)

Appliance dimensions (mm) 595 x 590 x 547

Net weight (kg) 65.0

Net volume - oven 1 (l) Types of heating

Material 1. Enamel oven

Interior lighting (pcs) 3

Approval certificates CE, VDE

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