We are introducing a range of SIEMENS StudioLine appliances

With Home Connect, your everyday life will never be the same

Keep your house work independent of time and space.Does that sound like science fiction?See how your everyday life can change already today.With Siemens appliances, which conceal within them the most advanced technologies, house work will be simpler, control will be funner, you will have more free time for what you like do to, and even completely new possibilities will open up to you.

What is Home Connect?

With Home Connect technology, you can easily control, diagnose and monitor your home appliances through a smart phone or tablet.The special applications are not used only for remote control.The appliance can, of course, be remotely turned on, turned off, programs can be selected, or it can be checked how long they are running for.However, the application contains also many practical advice and tips tailored for the given appliance or information on the appropriate accessories, the state of your equipment, and technical support in the event of a fault.

A coffee expert in several clicks

With Home Connect, you can order your favourite coffee wherever you go.In addition, you can extent your coffee maker's menu to include 20 coffee beverages from all around the world, create a tailor-made beverage list for all your guests, add information about new specialties, or be inspired by excellent recipes.

Even complete beginners can manage an excellent feast quickly and easily

With the Home Connect stove, you will receive a complete cookbook with recipes tailored to your model, cooking tips, various gadgets, illustrative videos and important information about the most common ingredients.Thanks to the detailed instructions, even a complete beginner can easily manage the preparation of an excellent menu. The application sends the settings for the preparation of the selected dish directly to the oven.You just have to put the food in and then let it guide you.Also, with Home Connect hobs, you can choose from a wide range of recipes and send the selected settings directly to the hob.At a distance, you can check the settings of appliances, turn them on or off, and adjust the settings at any time, even away from the home.

Have a look into the fridge, even when you are not at home

Thanks to the integrated camera in the refrigerator, you can check exactly what foods you are missing at home directly at the store.With the application, you can easily set the temperature or get practical information about the food and its preservation.Home Connect recommends a compartment best suited for storage or an ideal temperature.

The dishwasher itself warns you that the tablets or rinse aid are running out

You can manage house work at any time and any place.The dishwasher can choose the most appropriate washing program itself and send a message that it has finished washing or that the rinse aid or tablets are running out to a smart phone or tablet.

Simple and intuitive setting of washing machine and dryer

The Easy Start function will choose the best washing and drying program for your laundry. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the application.With Home Connect, you will also get tips on how to use it and information on water and energy consumption.The washing machine not only gives a notification that the cycle has ended and the laundry has to be removed, but as soon as it detects that the detergent is running out, it sends a message to the phone or tablet.On the other hand, the dryer monitors and gives notice of when the filter has to be cleaned or the water tank emptied.

Extractor connected to the hob

The hob works in perfect synchrony with the extractor, andtogether, they always ensure optimal extraction.As a bonus, you can create a perfect atmosphere in the kitchen with the new LED lighting on the extractor.You can comfortably choose the colour of your lighting and all other settings on your phone or tablet.Create a perfect atmosphere in the kitchen according to the current mood.

Security first

You do not have to worry about your security.Your information can be accessed only after logging into a user account using Wi-Fi.Also, the system does not allow you to sign in from an unsecured network without a password.Security certificates, a firewall on the server, and password protection are a matter of course.