First-class appliances for home chefs

In its more than 333-year history, Gaggenau has become an exclusive brand in the home appliance market synonymous with timeless beauty, functional aesthetics and breakthrough technologies for exclusive gastronomy. No other brand has ever had such a significant and lasting influence on household kitchens.Throughout its history, the brand stood at the birth of a number of revolutionary products and discoveries that have helped to change kitchen appliances to their present form.It was the first to market a built-in oven, a glass-ceramic hob and a combined steam oven.

Built-in ovens and automatic coffee makers

Roaster ovens from the 200 or 400 line are the heart of every professional and private kitchen, and you can combine them with other appliances at will.You can combine them, for example, with a useful vacuum drawer for sous-vide cooking (among others), a combined steam oven with an automatic self-cleaning system, a fully automatic coffee maker, a heating drawer or a microwave oven.Thanks to their intuitive operation, opening using a touch screen, and many other practical features, they are a great helper for everyone.


The hobs from the 200 or 400 line offer every chef exactly what he needs.You can combine the wide selection of products from the assortment of induction, gas or glass-ceramic hobs

with Teppanyaki, a lava grill, a steam cooker, deep fryers and other appliances.

Hobs with an integrated air suction system

Induction hobs with an integrated slot extractor save space in your kitchen while offering the best quality and performance.


Fully integrated refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets with several air-conditioning zones are available in both the 400 line and the 200 line.

The Vario 400 line of cooling appliances with the ability to connect to the Home Connect application will stand out the most if you combine the appliances into a cooling wall.The combination of the door with or without handles with the individual front panels of the appliances and the stainless steel or glass door of the wine cabinets complement the modern look of any kitchen.When the door is opened, a fully stainless steel interior with dark anthracite aluminium elements is revealed.The shelves and compartments in the door can be easily adjusted to the desired height.In combination with the almost invisible rail system, the overall appearance is extraordinarily clean.The barely visible glass shelves and solid aluminium compartments in the door are highlighted by pleasant dim LED lighting in a warm white colour that does not blind you.

The wine cabinets from the Vario 400 line have telescopic slides that allow the bottle compartments made of oak wood and dark anthracite aluminium to be fully fully slid out and thus ensure the most comfortable and pleasant handling of bottles.The safe storage of the wine is ensured also by the moisture control and the active charcoal-based air filter, which protects the wine from being contaminated with odours.

Up to three independent climate zones can be set on the new, intuitive TFT display.You can thus store part of the wine collection in conditions similar to those of a wine cellar. In addition, the Vario 400 wine cabinets have five preset lighting styles to make your valuable collections, which deserve admiration, perfectly exposed.

The Vario 200 line includes refrigerators, combined refrigerators with freezers, and freezers.

They come in widths of 56 to 60 cm, which fit perfectly into any kitchen design while offering more interior space than standard cooling appliances.

The smooth rails, fully extendible shelves and drawers make it easy to access this smart space.


The dishwashers from the 200 and 400 lines, which can be connected to the Home Connect application, provide information via TFT touchscreen displays or by projecting the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor.The automatic opening of the door after the washing has ended serves as an alert of the end of the washing program.

The 400 line also features a back-lit interior and Zeolith® technology for the perfect drying of your dishes.


Minimalist design, quiet and smart.The extraction output of the Gaggenau extractors eliminates all the smells of cooking thanks to the powerful recirculation or extraction of air.There are several possibilities for installation - slot, ceiling, wall, sliding out of a worktop, island ...... Precisely the way you need it.